The Sacred Honey Tree
Bring your sacred honey to the tree to be. Into the river of Dreams, through the forgotten forest lies the Sacred Honey Tree. Shining ones bring to it offerings of inspiration and unconditional love, so it may be shared with those who find themselves here. Now.
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April 13th
10:22 AM

Unconditional Love

 There is a difference between unconditionally loving someone and unconditionally living with them, staying in close proximity to them, or remaining in a relationship with them.

We can love someone unconditionally from a distance while having conditions for how they treat us. We can pray for them, wish them well, and want the best for them while maintaining boundaries about how we are treated. Unconditional love in its purest sense doesn’t mean allowing someone to repeatedly abuse or harm us, no matter what.

April 11th
12:01 PM

Taking Time to Pause While We Gaze at the World Around Us.

Our live can be busy at times. This makes it hard for us to relax and rest when we are always on the go. There are many things that we miss seeing because we drive cars. There is a universe of sight just in your front yard. Some are tiny, some are hidden and others are just below the surface of the soil. Take the time to stop and calmly explore your world. Try to notice the little creatures that acknowledge you. A grasshopper can be a travel companion if we are not scared so much we brush them off. When we stop seeing ourselves separate from the natural world, we begin to see how we fit into the wonder.

April 10th
12:01 PM

Can A Spiritual Adviser Help You?

Months and years can pass, seemingly with no meaning or nothing more than a chain of frustrations and setbacks. The universe itself speaks within the actions that we experience directly in our life. When we are on the ground level of things, our emotions can overwhelm us easily and leave nothing but confusion.

An intelligent, centered spiritual advisor helps you sort things out and put them into better perspective. It is important to talk with any person that you think should act as your spiritual adviser before you go spending money on services. Many people acting as a spiritual advisor out there will just tell you what you want to hear instead of developing a connection and helping you grow—even when some information may be hard to accept.

Negative-seeming events arrive to guide us to a better way of living, and hiding from them and trying to forget will only stagnate a person’s spiritual growth. This in turn affects the life that is currently being lived in harmful and surprising ways. Western culture tends to frame a person’s feelings in the light of weakness. There is a reason that you feel and it is not a curse but a tool for navigating the things that remain unknown to you.

Even if you don’t believe in entities outside of yourself, you need to stay connected with the seed of the infinite that is within you. You need the right influences in your life, whether you’re considering a physical relationship or a spiritual one. A full picture of what is happening behind the scenes in your life takes time to develop, so having a good spiritual mentor speeds up the process of identifying and honing your own spiritual awareness. Your heart will lead you where you need to go if it is being followed by founded reason.

April 9th
12:01 PM

Being Innovative

Life has a great way of testing us by putting us in positions where we must utilize the information we have or the materials on hand. Like the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. If you cannot find a solution, take a break to think outside the box. Look for ideas and items that may help you learn more about yourself and your hidden capabilities to solve the puzzle put before you.

April 8th
12:01 PM

Finding the Warm Fuzzy

Life can be hard on our hearts. If we have not been exposed to close loving feelings for a while, it can be hard to form a smile. That is why whenever you find something that warms your heart, make sure you remember how to find it again. You might want to commit the feeling to a mental picture or a tie it to a familiar scent so it will be easy to bring up to the front of your mind when it is most needed. When we can hold love in our heart, it makes it easier for us to share love with others.

April 7th
12:01 PM

Learn to Let Go

Sometimes you just can’t seem to shake a problem from the past that seems to overshadow the present and the future. This adds invisible stress to our day to day lives, making it harder to live and even harder to thrive. Letting go of things we cannot change from the past is a great way to do inner healing. One helpful and simple technique involves to revisiting and reliving the most painful moments from the past in your head and allowing anything that was unnoticed to rise to the forefront of your reality experience. Once fully experienced, the repetition feels will disperse. Stick to simple issues when using this technique alone and enlist the help of a therapist for very traumatic memories.

April 6th
12:01 PM

Disappear Into the Wonder

Life is here to test us. Just the daily experiences that seem like struggles give us a chance to better understand the universe and how it relates to us. We spend most of our time lost in a mundane thinking process and fail to remember the common components that make up the planet are shared among all life on Earth. Such a simple thought can bring about a great sense of wonder. Carry this feeling into your normal day and share the wonder.

April 5th
12:01 PM


You and Only You have the power to give yourself a better life. You are only waiting on yourself.
You are all things and you are a singular entity, learn how to use your small self to better understand your larger self.

April 4th
12:01 PM

Needs and Wants

We always have what we need. Our wants are the roots of discontent most of the time. If you want something that is unavailable to you, it can be a carrot in front of your goat cart of life. However, chasing things that are wanted and not needed leads to a further chase. When our needs line up with our wants then we are respecting ourselves and our bodies by giving what is needed both mentally and physically.

10:48 AM

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